The Phinza appliance uses a stock standard high performance Intel server with a hardened version of RedHat Enterprise Linux as the operating system. The operating system has been tuned and optimized to serve out only the needs of the Phinza web application at optimum speeds. The system has been secured to completely block out all other traffic except the needs to serve out the web traffic.

The internal infrastructure of the application is built on proven J2EETM components and proven Open Source infrastructure. The appliance out of the box uses, Apache Webserver as the web server, Tomcat as the Application Server. It uses MySQL as the database server. With the throw of a switch it can support Oracle as an alternate database. The appliance also has a built-in Datamart to serve out all the needs of an intensive reporting infrastructure. Bult-in reports based on the open source Jasper reporting infrastructure are provided. The datamart is also designed to provide services to any OLAP Business Intelligence (BI) tools that an enterprise may use.

Phinza is tuned for the needs of a global enterprise. As such the appliance can stand alone by itself to serve out the needs of a small enterprise, or if redundancy or failover is required it can easily participate in a cluster of machines that serve out web traffic in a high volume transaction oriented environment. The appliance also allows the administrator to automatically split the transactional application from the Datamart to enhance reporting capabilities.

The system, out of the box comes with superb Authentication and Authorisation capabilities that conform to the J2EE standard. It also has the ability to participate out of the box in SSO (Single Sign-on) environments with products such as LDAP, CA Siteminder, Apple Open Directory, Microsoft Active Directory etc.

User Interface (UI)

Traditional desktop applications have the advantage of a very reactive and rich graphical interface. Traditional web applications are page oriented form based applications. Phinza behaves like a desktop application but is actually a fully functional web browser based application. Based on Tooltwist, it used AJAX like concepts even before the AJAX terminology was coined. Phinza is a true reflection of all of Web 2.0 concepts that reflects a live, thriving, rich client in a thin web browser. Phinza forms and pages can refresh parts of the web browser independently of each other and in an asynchronous fashion. This provides a very rich user experience, where drag and drop, tabbed sections, and dynamic connections can be performed all with ease and with simple navigation techniques.

Phinza forms are driven by the rich data model definitions based on the dynamic Tooltwist architecture that underpins the application. Thus, the designer and the implementer have endless opportunities to customise the screens using the UI designer. No more customized screens and applications that require a multi-million dollar project to upgrade from one version to another. Tooltwist stores all the changes as deltas to the original data model and the original application, and thus version upgrades are smooth and simple.

Thus, the total TCO of implementing Phinza drops dramatically in comparison with other applications. Users can make their own judgements on customisations that are simple to perform using a web based UI designer and these deltas are exported as a plugin archive. This archive can be applied to a UAT/Production environment to reflect the changes as seen by the implementer.

The application is fully Unicode enabled. Each user can customise the look and feel with a skin of their choice and a language of their choice.