Phinza's Enterprise Service Management (ESM) combines incident and problem management, change and release management, and service level management - designed from the ground up to conform to ITILTM best practices. Phinza manages the entire process of an incident, problem, or change including not only the ticket details but also the approval process, asset modifications, procurements, and work and workforce involved. This unique functionality provides the knowledge and control you need to improve and optimize activities across all areas of IT.      

An Integrated Solution

Phinza's Service Management is fully integrated with Asset Management, Deployment Management and Portfolio Management functionality. This tight integration is an important factor for streamlining IT operations and effective cost control.

  • Service requests involve assets. For each service request, it is important to know which assets are effected - from this information it is possible to run dependency analysis, determine the impact of the work, and carry out root cause analysis.
  • Similarly, assets require service. When carrying out work on an incident, problem or change request, it is important to know the service history of the involved assets. This integration is also essential for effective billing and cost analysis.

Comprehensive Service Management

Phinza's Enterprise Service Management systems help you lower IT costs, manage compliance, and improve your return on capital with an operational approach to life-cycle, inventory, contract, and cost controls of IT assets.

  • Service Desk provides one-stop functionality to assist in the resolution of incidents by providing asset, impact and previous knowledgebase information within easy access for the Service Desk technician. Categorization and SLAs ensure the logged incident is progressed efficiently and reported on.
  • Incident Management ensures that incidents are progressed efficiently throughout the organization. Incidents are assigned to resolving teams automatically or multiple teams at once to ensure collaborative technical input. At any point in the lifecycle of an incident the Service Desk, resolving teams and management can see the progress of an incident.
  • Problem Management integrates with incident management and change ensuring that known errors and proactive changes are recorded and tracked. Problem Management caters for both the quick resolution of problems and the follow up actions to ensure the problem does not reoccur. Problem Management also enables Incident Tracking for BASEL II requirements.
  • Change Management provides the ability to assess, filter, approve and schedule changes of differing categories. Approval can be based on varying strategies with impact navigation of the CMDB ensuring all impacted parties are either informed or approve. Tasks or new changes can be associated an existing change to assist in the planning, building and testing of changes.
  • Approval Management - Approvals are used within Phinza in any workflow whether a request to purchase or a change. Within Change Management approval strategies can be automatically associated or manually added and information notifications can be posted too.
  • Service Trees help graphically identify the many to many relationships between Incidents, Problems and Changes.
  • Financial Management is made possible by associating the costs of goods and services when resolving problems or making changes. Using the CMDB it is possible to chargeback to business users. Chargeback drivers vary from business to business, Phinza through pluggin technology can cater for any chargeback mechanisms.
  • Service Level Management provides the ability to associate and monitor Service Level Targets for incidents and problems. Conformance reporting to these SLAs ensures the service is reviewed effectively and is often used as trigger for service improvement.
  • Service Reporting/Management Information - providing data online, through reporting and dashboards. Phinza uses configurable data marting and provides the ability to design and maintain reports. Several core Asset and Service Management reports are provided out of the box.
  • Service Portfolio Management - Phinza's Service Portfolio Management focuses on providing an appliance based solution that offers common platform for IT operations to communicate and interact with its internal customers addressing the needs of both business executives and end users. We enable IT organizations to become more business-oriented and customer-focused resulting in increased internal customer satisfaction, improved IT-business alignment, greater operational efficiency, and reduced service delivery costs.

Phinza's revolutionary FootprintsTM technology assists users to follow corporate procedures for handling of Incident, problem and change requests. They also keep an audit trail, crucial for ensuring and demonstrating compliance with Sarbanes- Oxley (SOX).