In an age were security has become a significant factor in the operations of enterprises, application security ranks as one of the most prominent. Phinza has met the challenge in multiple ways.

Security for the Enterprise

Phinza leverages the best security practices that are already present in the secure enterprise where it is installed. Phinza in itself is naturally secure with well-defined application interfaces that isolate the application tiers and using industry standard security technologies at the application, database, network and operating system levels.                                                                                                                                                                                      

Authentication and Authorization

Phinza integrates well with existing authentication and authorization services. Being built on top of J2EE, it integrates naturally with JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization Services). Phinza has native bridges to the Windows NT Domain model and Active Directory services as well as LDAP directory services.

Where an organization uses technologies such as Single Sign-on from vendors such as Siteminder etc., the modular nature of the Phinza authentication and authorization plug-ins make it very easy to integrate into the enterprise.

Encrypted Communications

Phinza can be used with secure id's that revolve every 30 seconds and even if Phinza exposed to the internet or an extranet, it possesses state of the art safety.