Developed as a web appliance, shipped as a web appliance. This commoditised production model allows us to achieve economies of scale, and a low production cost that is directly passed on to customers. In many cases, the cost of running Phinza is less than even the maintenance cost of other similar products. In addition to the initial saving, there are many even-more-significant savings when you use Phinza for your Asset and Service Management needs.

Platform Costs

Phinza is a web appliance. There is no extra cost for hardware, database licenses or operating systems, is it ready-to-go.

Implementation Costs

Our solutions can be installed in minutes - place it in the rack, plug in power and network cables and it is ready to use. There is no need to install software on hundreds or thousands of desktop machines, as Phinza is accessed using a standard web browser. Utilities and scripts allow data to be loaded in minutes. Fast implementation equals lower cost of implementation.

Customization Costs

Most customizations can be performed quickly using the ToolTwist customization tools, by people with no software development background. There is rarely a need for specialist (i.e. expensive) software developers.

Many of the functions are performed by a feature we call FootprintsTM. FootprintsTM lead users step by step through tasks and work-flows, showing them the way through business procedures, while at the same time keeping track of where you have been. Footprints provide tight integration of workflow, application, and coordination of users, and are completely customizable to fit in with your business needs and procedures.

Upgrade Cost

Since Phinza is a web application, upgrades involve only upgrading the software on the Web appliance. There is no need to re-install the software on hundreds or thousands of user's desktop machines. In addition, the architecture of the application and the plug-in approach for customisations means that most upgrades can be performed without the need to rewrite any customization work. At each stage of the application life-cycle, the Phinza technology is simpler than traditional software products. The result is a drastic reduction in the initial (obvious) and ongoing (hidden) costs.