Many executives express frustration as they attempt to reign in the chaos and expense associated with their IT investments but find little in the way of substantive guidance. The IT Infrastructure Library has emerged as the world's most widely accepted approach to the management and delivery of IT Services.

The ITIL represents a drastically different approach to IT by framing all activity under two broad umbrellas named Service Support and Service Delivery. By focusing on the critical business processes and disciplines needed to deliver services around IT, the ITIL provides a maturity path for IT that is not based on technology. This accessibility allows senior executives to both sponsor and shepherd IT quality improvement efforts. The ITIL has become the most widely accepted approach to IT service management.

ITIL provides a comprehensive, consistent volume of best practices drawn from the collective experience and wisdom of thousands of IT practitioners around the world. By defining IT quality as the level of alignment between the actual services delivered and the actual needs of the business, the library serves as a common point of engagement for IT and the other business units.