Phinza uses TooltwistTM for it's underlying architecture and development environment. ToolTwist is specifically designed to allow for the different stages of application development; core development and then subsequent customizations. The ToolTwist Customization Environment is provided with Phinza, and can be used to extensively customize the way the product works.

An important aspect of the the ToolTwist Customization Environment is that customers have full ability to override the way the core product works, but they never alter the core product.

Most customizations are specified incrementally - in other words, "do what the core product does, but also do this...". This provides a simpler and faster development environment, and reduces the risk of introducing errors into the application.

The ToolTwist architecture is based on an extended data dictionary, or repository. Most customizations are performed simply, by using screens and menus to change definitions of how the system works, rather than by writing software.

A highly layered and modularized application design allows parts of the system to be customized with minimal risk of breaking other parts of the system, and a plug-in approach to deployment allows customizations to be installed and removed quickly and easily.

In short, our technology is designed specifically with customization in mind, so customizations are performed much quicker and easier than with older technology applications. The entire product strategy is about making things as easy as possible. The result is a solution that has lower costs at every stage of the product life-cycle.


Most customizations can be performed quickly, using the ToolTwist customization tools, by people with no software development background. More sophisticated customizations can be developed using a combination of the ToolTwist tools and standard Java technologies, by regular Java developers. There is no need for specialist, hard-to-find (i.e., expensive) software developers. The ToolTwist environment allows customizations to be added using a plug-in approach, allowing customizations to be added or removed from the core product, without risk of corruption to the base product. The result is a faster, safer, easier environment for performing customizations. ToolTwist removes many of the factors that increase the effort and risk (i.e., cost) of customizations.